Travelling Wisely with your Cash

Everyone has a dream to go on a long trip before entering ‘the real world’, some people go as far as wanting to travel for their whole lives. However long you are planning on going for one thing that is certain is that you need to be financially prepared! If you plan and budget correctly you will avoid problems in the future when you’re on the road. There are some key questions you need to think about, simple things such as; how much will I need? is it a good idea to take a credit card with you? The list is endless, but they are important questions! Before you leave to explore the world there are some key points you need to consider, take a look at the points below. Follow these and you’ll be in a good position before you get on the plane:


We all have different budgets, some people like to travel the world living in luxury, others like to do it on a shoestring budget and spend as little as possible. Whatever your financial situation you need to plan your budget. You need to plan for everything, finalise your total amount of cash, then factor in what you’ll be spending it on; accommodation, meals, entertainment, gifts, visas etc It is more than likely you will overspend so expect that to happen. If you can stick to your budget then it’s great, if you’re going on a long trip then sticking to your budget becomes even more important. If you can, try to find a ‘plan b’ just incase you run out of cash.

Organising your bank account and credit cards

As soon as you know your dates of travel you should give your bank a call – let them know the dates that you will be away and also the countries that you will be visiting. You need to find out what charges you will incur if you withdraw money from an overseas ATM. It’s a good idea to check out which credit cards are available to you, the Halifax has good cards which are popular among travellers. Bank and credit cards can be used in pretty much every country these days, you should check before you arrive that this is the case. You must also make sure to check the type of travel insurance that you have, will the company provide emergency cash if you lose your cards? How long will it take to replace your cards?

Talk to other travellers

The best way to prepare yourself for your travels is to learn from the experiences of others. Every trip has it’s problems somewhere down the line, speaking to fellow travellers about their problems and how they overcame them is great. This will help you plan for any dramas you may face and also prepare you for what to expect when on the road. You’ll here some horror stories but don’t worry, these stories are only ever told by a small few because they don’t happen to everyone!

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