Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Antarctica

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So you have your Antarctica packing list and your cruise is booked. You will be departing from Ushuaia and travelling across the Drake Passage to Antarctica, but what are some fun little things that you can do aside from the usual sightseeing? Good question and today I will attempt to answer it from things I did myself whilst I was in Antarctica


Camp on the continent

Generally speaking most cruise ships won’t even allow you to get off unless they are stopping. Camping on the continent itself is actually a possibility for those that are interested. There could be no better feeling than saying that you have camped in the ultimate location on earth. If you get the chance, like I did, you should definitely do it. I will never forget the experience.

passport stamp

Passport Control

One of the greatest things about Antarctica is that it is not owned by any one country under the Antarctic Treaty and therefore you don’t need a visa to visit. Of course for some this may be a little disappointing, especially for those who love to collect country stamps in their passport. But not to fear, most research bases have their own stamp and you can actually get them to put the little stamp in the passport. How many people do you know that have this in their passport?

Take a dip

Ditching all the layers and getting into the water is one possibility for swimming in Antarctica. Of course this is perhaps not the most appealing thing to do for many travelers, but how many people can actually claim to have swum in Antarctic waters? I had the opportunity to swim twice, once just in the water, but also another time on Deception Island. Let me tell you the warmer waters of Deception island were not warm at all, but certainly more so than my other experience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should take and you will be left feeling “refreshed”.


Believe it or not it is actually possible to drink in Antarctica and if you have been to a bar on every continent, now is the time to complete the circle and make it 7 continents. You can drink at the Vernadsky base, because it has its own bar! So sit back and take in the vodka and enjoy the bar games too!

Send a letter or postcard

Sending a letter or postcard is actually possible at the only post office in all of Antarctica, which is located at Port Lockroy. There really couldn’t be a better souvenir than this, but obviously don’t expect it to arrive to its destination too soon. Mail from Antarctica is naturally very slow!

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