Reflexology in New York

Reflexology can be defined as an alternative medical process that involves applying pressure on particular points on the ears, hands, and feet. This procedure can be traced back to ancient Chinese who used manual therapy on the feet so as to relieve stress and pain. The practice has become very popular in the modern field of therapy. New York City Reflexology professionals argue that your feet and hands correspond to other parts of the body. Massaging them therefore implies that the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated to heal itself. For over 3000 years, the Chinese have used this method to treat many health conditions by re-balancing the energy channels in the body known as meridians. Together with the western medicine, the process can be very effective in promoting healing and improving the general vitality and wellbeing. Though the practice is not widely accepted in the general medical world, it has been use for thousands of years around the world with very positive results. The practice has the following benefits:

Reflexology has been observed to stimulate over 7000 different nerve endings and in the process increasing their reactivity and function. It opens up and cleans out the neural pathways thus improving flexibility and functionality in many parts of the body. Just like muscles, it’s also important to work neural pathways regularly.

Reflexology is also known to boost energy levels in the body. The process aligns the functioning of the muscle system and various organs thus increasing energy production and metabolism in the body. This process can definitely help you if you’re feeling tired, lazy and sluggish.

The practice also improves blood circulation in the body. This implies that the flow of oxygen and blood to vital organs of the body is very effective. This maximizes their functioning and increases metabolism leading to quick re-growth and healing of damaged body cells.

Reflexology also offers a great form of relaxation thus reducing your stress levels and inducing a calm state in your mind and body. On the same note, the practice helps in healing insomnia which can be very troubling. New York City Reflexology experts argue that there are so many health advantages associated with this practice and encourage people to use them for their own good.

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