Montenegro- The New Jewel of Eastern Europe


Montenegro is the newest treasure along Eastern Europe and is fast attracting a lot of attraction from all over the world. Its breathtaking sceneries, magnificent coastlines, the world’s second deepest canyon, UNESCO World Heritage sites and Europe’s most impressive beaches make it an ideal destination for holidays.



The historic town of Budva is enchanting with ancient buildings separated by narrow alleyways leading to compelling age old squares lined with unique shops and restaurants. Explore the past and culture of this town by visiting its ancient Church of St Sava which features remnants of frescoes and inscriptions from 1100s; the Church of Santa Maria in Punta and St Ivan’s Church both built in the 7th century and its majestic fortress of Citadella. It is also home to some of the best apartments in Montenegro, so is ideal to use as a base in excellent accommodation.


Centije is another exciting destination with immense historical heritage and is home to numerous museums, libraries and archives. It was built in the 15th century and is the official residence of the Montenegro presidents. You are warmly welcomed by tree lined lanes and boulevards. As you wander around you will find majestic stately buildings of past regimes, palaces of Montenegro’s regal past, Art décor consular buildings and the Centije monastery built in the 17th century.


The Skadar Lake is legendary and it is believed that it originated as a love story of a bride who was so excited of her lovers return from abroad that she forgot to close the fountain that flowed to form the lake. It is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula and forms one of the four National parks of Montenegro which is home to over 280 species of birds; it is surrounded by mountains and when explored by use of a boat, it offers some of the best views of this Balkan paradise.


So why not get yourself a piece of this exciting destination?


Montenegro has been growing rapidly since it acquired its independence from Yugoslavia in 2006 and it’s opened its doors to foreign investors. It is an ideal holiday destination and a perfect place to invest in a holiday home or other property in Montenegro as it is popular with the tourists. Some of the reasons you should invest in this fine jewel of Eastern Europe are:


  • The Economy: Montenegro has adopted the Euro as its currency and is gaining political stability. The government has also privatized most industries making them more efficient and productive.
  • Growing Number of Tourists: the tourism industry in Montenegro has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years and has earned its spot among the top ten holiday destinations in the world.
  • Equal Ownership Rights: The Laws of Montenegro do recognize property investors and give them the right to equal ownership of land as the locals with full deeds and title to land and real estate.
  • Regular Flights: It is extremely easy to travel to Montenegro from any part of the world, particulary Europe. There is an increasing number of flights to the country with companies as wide ranging as Virgin to Turkish Airlines. Increasing accessibility always results in a boom in visitors.
  • Positive Touristic Master Plan: This plan is strategic to include a long term master plan which favors building projects of new marinas and resorts that will incorporate new million dollar designer golf courses that will attract holiday makers.


That should surely whet your appetite. The area is slowly blossoming into one of Europe’s finest locations, take advantage of it now.


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