Insure and Minimise Risk

 Holiday booked, parking/train/coach/taxi to the airport sorted, toiletries bought, clothes invested in, packing done, and you’ve now got the inevitable feeling that you’ve forgotten something. You have!

Most people tend to forget one thing, and it’s actually one of the most important things for any travel – no, not your toothbrush, but insurance!

It might be boring, it might never be needed, here’s hoping, but it’s so, so important should anything go wrong. Price cannot be used as an excuse either, as these days just a simple internet search will throw up policies as low as £10. I travel a lot, and I’ve bought an annual policy, for just £14! This covers me for all manner of eventualities that I hope will never happen, including my bags not arriving at the same destination as me, and peace of mind should I end up ill or injured during my jollies.

Just five minutes and this important part of your holiday is sorted out and can be forgotten – just remember to take the insurance certificate and contact numbers away with you. Also, be sure to check excess prices before buying a policy, as the lower the excess cost, and the higher the cover, the better.

You shouldn’t really have to think about the risk of something going wrong when you’re planning something as exciting as a holiday, but unfortunately we do need to be a little sensible – these things can, and do, happen.

I’m one of those people that are generally early for everything, simply because I’m worried about missing my plane or train, so I discovered a way to reduce my anxiety, and start my holiday even earlier – result! This wonderful discovery was the airport hotel, and I’m hooked on it. I stayed at one of the Gatwick Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, and arriving early was not a problem at all, as I enjoyed a relaxing night, with no risk of missing my flight, as I was a stone’s throw away from the terminal door.

If you do have a habit of getting a little highly strung prior to travelling, as I do, then this idea is perfect for you. Flying more regionally? Not a problem, if you’re heading out of Ireland, search Dublin Airport hotels, and check out the large range of hotels and prices on offer. Some insurance policies also cover UK travel, so this could also be protected, however be sure to check your policy wording carefully, as terms and conditions vary wildly from company to company.

Insuring your precious holiday really is just common sense, make sure it’s not the one thing you forget before you jet off, and all your cares can be left behind.

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