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Cornwall is the ideal place for a holiday in the UK and it is often that it doesn’t get the attention that it truly deserves. I for one have experienced a lot of Cornwall and tend to find that the people that do know about it are going back year after year. Here is my short guide on Cornwall.

Booking Accommodation

Of course the best way to experience the natural landscape of Cornwall is of course to go camping, sites like Pitchup Cornwall offer a great range of accommodation from basic campsites all the way to glamping.

Where is it

Cornwall is located in the south western part of England and lies directly on the coast (with its own peninsula). You can reach it by bus, train or car from London. Driving distance is usually around 5 hours and is my favourite way to get there, especially given the beauty of the English countryside.

Food culture

Cornwall is known for its regional food culture and is world famous for Cornish pasties and ales. There are a number of breweries, bakeries and restaurants in the area. These are sure to keep anyone happy. A highlight is always fish dishes in Cornwall, particularly with its close proximity to the sea.

A few things to do

  • Beaches – Cornwall is home to some very high quality beaches in terms of water and sand quality and these are typical white sand beaches that are much less common in the United Kingdom. It is even possible to surf on these beaches, but if relaxing is more your thing there are a number of smaller, more isolated cove style beaches.
  • Walking – Walks are one of the best ways to experience the beautiful scenery in Cornwall and there a huge number of great walks in Cornwall, given the extensive coastline. A great example of this is at Land’s End, where you can wander through the rocks at low tide and walk along the amazing cliffs to soak in the views of the sea.
  • Other attractions – Cornwall also has a number of other historic and natural attractions that everyone should visit. For example the massive geometric domes of The Eden Project or the mysterious Tintagel Castle, which is said to be linked to the legend of King Arthur.


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