How to Travel On a Budget

Do you want to travel, but not break your entire bank account? You’re definitely not alone! Budget traveling is a dream of many, and the good news is that it’s entirely possible. You can see the world and enjoy fantastic experiences along the way while avoiding the dirtiest, cheapest hostels. Just follow these simple tips for traveling on a budget:

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re planning a short holiday or several months or more abroad,  it’s important to take care of some basics before you hit the road. Good preparation will save you money in the long run! Read up on the visa requirements for each country you plan to visit, and figure out if you need to get those before you leave. Start a savings account to keep your money safe at home. Some of the best returns will be made from High Interest Savings Accounts, so don’t forget to open one up before you go.


Eat Smart

While it’s obviously a fun experience to eat the local food at restaurants, it can quickly drain your budget if it’s your choice for every meal. Buy ingredients at a supermarket instead and put together some meals in your hotel or hostel kitchen. It’s a great way to meet people in your hostel who gather in the communal area. Supermarket picnics are a great choice for lunch, and make sure you have free breakfast included in the price of your accommodation.

Volunteer or Work-Share

Life-broadening volunteer opportunities can double as budget-savers, and you’ll connect with fantastic locals and travelers!  WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a work-exchange program where you can do all kinds of work from organic farming in Italy to taking care of animals and learning about sustainable food growth. Workaway is a similar program that connects prospective volunteers with opportunities in many fields, from tourism to teaching, au pairing and farm work. You pay a nominal membership fee for access to many hosts all around the world.

House Swap or House Sit

What could be more convenient than swapping houses when you travel, so you have someone to look after yours? There are many organizations that connect people hoping to exchange their house with other travelers. You’re able to stay somewhere at little to no cost, depending on whether you swap your house. Or check out Air BnB, a website where people offer rooms in their house or even the entire house or apartment for a decided rate, usually much cheaper than a hotel.

It’s important to have your savings in order, so I’ll stress it again here. Don’t be afraid to seek some professional advice. I found BM Savings to be very helpful with different plan options, so count on them to have you covered.

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