How to Save Money on Your Next Costa Rica Vacation


Costa Rica is Central America’s most popular tourist destination. Limitless sunshine, amazing beaches and friendly locals make it a favorite destination for travelers seeking a tropical escape. The only thing better than enjoying a relaxing tropical vacation is doing so for less! Below are five tips on how to save money on your next Costa Rica vacation.


1. Travel in groups. By traveling with friends or family, you will save on everything from airport transfers to excursions. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts for groups as small as four or more persons. For example, surf lessons are usually offered as private lessons or with a substantial discount for groups of four to six persons. If you bring your own “group”, you will receive the group discount, but still receive a private group lesson.


2. Rent a vacation home. Vacation homes tend to cost the same as a hotel, while providing more comfort and privacy. Each additional bedroom in a vacation home represents a significant savings over an additional hotel room. A vacation home serves as a home base. Furthermore, you don’t feel the pressure of spending all your time with your travel companions as you will all meet up and share your adventures when you arrive back home in the evening. In pristine or remote areas such as the Manuel Antonio National Park, the lack of quality hotels makes Manuel Antonio rentals an obvious choice.

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3. Prepare your own meals. Even on a weeklong vacation, eating out for every meal can add up quick. Simply having breakfast in can result in significant savings. In addition to the cost savings, many travelers enjoy the flexibility of preparing their own meals the way they like. If you are health conscious, Costa Rica provides an amazing selection of fresh produce to choose from. A quick trip to the grocery store can result in you saving money on eating out and saving the extra pounds that result from calorie rich preparation techniques.


4. Travel during the off-season. Costa Rica has two seasons: the dry (high season) and the green (low season). The dry season runs from the end of December through the end of April. During this time the Pacific coast of Costa Rica will receive little or no rain. As this period also corresponds to the coldest months in North America and Europe, it is also the busiest time of the year. During the green season (the marketers were afraid that rainy season might put off travelers), Costa Rica transforms into the tropical paradise you have seen in tourism brochures. Travelers diminish, the pace of life drops and so do the prices. Best of all, you will still receive plenty of sunshine. Most of the days during green season are sunny during the day and build to an afternoon shower. Take advantage of green season discounts, and you may save up to 50% on your next Costa Rican vacation.

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5. Book early. Sure you may find the occasional last minute discount. However, you may also wind up paying more for inferior accommodation if you wait too long. This rule especially applies if you plan to come during high season. By booking early, you will have the greatest selection of availability. Following the airplane model, those in the tourism business like to ensure they cover their costs. After that, they can afford to hold out for the maximum profit. Take advantage of this mentality and book early for a discount.

Costa Rica is a great place for a tropical vacation. By following the tips outline above, you can enjoy it for less.

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