Get active in Gran Canaria


amadores-beach-gran-canariaAlthough the time for summer holidays has passed for this year, there are still plenty of wonderful places to explore in the autumn and winter. Gran Canaria – one of the Canary Islands – is a great example of a winter sun destination.

In fact, if you want to have an active break in Gran Canaria, you’re actually better off travelling at this time of the year when the weather is a little cooler, rather than in the height of summer.

To give you an idea of the kinds of activities you can get up to, check out our guide to some of Gran Canaria’s top sports.


As an island, water sports are very popular but perhaps none more so than surfing. There are some excellent breaks around the isle’s shores, such as at Arguineguin in the south-east, Pozo Izquierdo in the east and large parts of the north coast.

In fact, the north coast of Gran Canaria is such a good place for surfing that the Bodyboard World Championship is held here every year. If you’ve never tried to ride waves before, don’t worry – there are plenty of surf schools around the island where you can learn the basics.


For a variation on this theme, you can harness the power of two elements – water and wind – and try your hand at windsurfing. Pozo Izquierdo is not only the best place for this in Gran Canaria, but also one of the top spots in the whole of Spain.

There are very strong winds here that are perfect for challenging experienced boarders – some of the world’s best windsurfers spend time here training to give you an idea of the calibre of this location.

As with the surfing, though, there are plenty of schools in Gran Canaria where you can pick up the skills you need to master your sail and board before you move on to tackle some of the most popular windsurfing spots.

Mountain biking

Leave the coast behind and you’ll discover a wide array of activities you can enjoy in Gran Canaria’s interior, one of which is mountain biking. This high-octane sport is best practised in the central mountain region, where there are some truly thrilling routes with steep up and downhill sections on trails through areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Gran Canaria as a whole is home to no fewer than 32 natural protected reserves, which means there is lots of unspoilt terrain to discover on two wheels. If mountain biking sounds a little too strenuous for your liking, you can always take on one of Gran Canaria’s spectacular road routes instead.


It stands to reason with so many stunning natural landscapes that trekking is a popular sport for those on active holidays in Gran Canaria. What makes the island particularly great for hiking is the varied terrain you can find here – you’ve got coastal trails, mountain paths, routes through forest and even hikes in the desert. The diversity of the landscapes has led to Gran Canaria also being known as the Miniature Continent.

There really are tracks to suit all kinds of walkers, from those who enjoy a casual stroll to people keen to take on the most challenging treks on the island. You can choose trails that only take a couple of hours to complete or go on epic, day-long expeditions – it’s entirely up to you.


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