Exploring Eastern Europe And The Middle East


A lot has been said about Iran, it’s even considered a risky destination but it still boasts of over 5000 years of existence and rich history, beautiful city and intriguing culture. Just ask yourself what you are missing by not spending at least one of your holidays in Iran.

Begin your journey by exploring the city of Tehran; it is stimulating with a magnificent backdrop of hills with fabulous neighborhoods. Discover its conflicting religions and class differences from one edge of the city.

The monument of freedom is one of the most politically significant in Iran. It is towering and quite spectacular especially as you take your time to view it from several angles.

Get lost in the natural beauty of the Northern Tehran Mountains in Darband, they are spectacular and so much in harmony with nature and have numerous scenic trails and restaurants along your route to keep you refreshed and energized as you explore.


Kyrgyzstan holidays are a paradise of adventures; the country is lined up with wild rugged mountains, stark glaciers and pristine water bodies. If you want to get away from crowds and have some real natural experience then this is the place to be. There are spectacular mountains virtually deserted like the pristine Tian Shan mountain ranges with its highest peak the Jengish Chokusu. Though it is not well known as a skiing destination this country offers you an opportunity to ski off the beaten path.


Follow the nomadic trails of Kyrgyzstan on a horseback and experience the exceptional rugged terrain that would prove cumbersome to other means of transport. You will have a chance to mingle with the locals as you explore the nomadic lifestyle that has thrived here for centuries.

Travel along the ancient Silk Road which in the past was used by trade caravans that traversed this route from India, China and Central Asia. Their diverse cultures left rich cultural heritage and towns and settlements some of which are still part of the modern Kyrgyzstan.


Russia is a vast country, in fact the largest in the world with innumerable places of interest to visit and explore. From the largest soft water lake in the world to the age old historical monuments and churches to mysterious towns and architectural wonders, luxury holidays in Russia are never a disappointment. The Trans Siberian railway gives you an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of Russia in such an intimate way. It is the longest in the world and hence means you get to see a lot on your route.

The city of Tsars or St Petersburg is very significant in the history of Russia; its vibrant nature blends in harmony with history, architecture and traditions of this glistening city. It numerous water canals interconnecting through the city give it such a glitzy glow at night when the golden citadels are reflected in water. Visit the Peter and Paul fortress, the Hermitage museum which is also known as the winter palace and is the largest in the world and the castle of the former Russian Tsars.


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