Explore Santa Clause Village in 2014

Spending Christmas with Santa

For the perfect movie like Christmas, travel to Rovaniemi in Lapland. Santa Clause Village and Santapark are in close proximity to one another, and are every child’s fantasy come to life. Think of it as the Disneyland of Christmas. Bake cinnamon cookies with Mrs Clause then feed them to Rudolf himself, post a letter to Santa Clause at his very own post office where an elf sells Santa shaped Stamps! Christmas carollers will serenade you as you walk around the line that marks the Arctic Circle, and you might see Santa in his workshop. While the kids have gone exploring or studying in elf school for the day, parents can relax with some shopping for authentic stocking fillers, or wander amazed through the ice sculptures, greeted by a stylish cocktail bar at the end. To find the perfect Lapland trips 2014, just keep reading – it could be the holiday of a lifetime!


Best way to travel around the North Pole

It’s obvious that there is only one way to travel around the North Pole. Elves do it, Santa does it, so strap up a pack of huskies or reindeer and jump on board a sleigh! Make the trip between Santa Clause Village and Santapark aboard your personal sleigh, or if you prefer to take something a little more modern, be adventurous and try a snowmobile. Much faster than a pack of dogs, these can gain speed quickly but are carefully designed for travel on snow. For those less confident, let an experienced driver take you on a ride.

If you are doing a bit of skiing during your trip to Lapland, a great way to explore the sights is cross country skiing. Trade in fast downhill runs and chair lift queues for a day spent trying to spot birds, sipping hot chocolates in the woods and passing through quaint little villages. Try ice skating on a frozen pond or lake for a unique experience, or take on some locals at an ice hockey game.

When all the elves have gone to sleep…

There are still plenty of memories to be made during Lapland trips 2014. Try and see the Northern Lights, visible only in the Aurora Oval in the Arctic Circle. Travel away from city lights on a clear night to see one of the most awe-inspiring wonders on earth. It would be a shame to miss this natural phenomenon when you are so close by and there are many tour companies that will take you to viewing points with the best view.  The kids might think it’s the magic from Santa’s workshop, but the magnetic solar storms in 2014 promise to make the lights the most active and intense they have been in this past 50 years!


After so much travel and adventure, relax a little before the journey back home with a traditional Finnish sauna followed by an icy cold beer.

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