Driving Holiday In Spain

As there is so much to see and do in Spain, some people feel a bit guilty about staying in one place for the duration of their stay. This is why driving holidays or tours around Spain are very popular. There is a lot to see and do but if you pack your itinerary well, you will be able to see a great deal of the country in 7 to 10 days.

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It is understandable that many people will begin their tour in Madrid, the Spanish capital. There are plenty of sight-seeing exhibitions and attractions in the capital and how you spend your time will depend on what you hope to achieve. There are a number of stylish art exhibitions in the centre of Madrid, including the Del Prado museum, and there is also the Royal Palace, which is a scene of great opulence. If you are keen to get your time in Madrid off to a more sedate start, locations like Retiro Park or Plaza Mayor will help you to unwind before setting off to see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Upon leaving Madrid, many people like to head to La Mancha, where the legend of Don Quixote and his tilts against windmills came to the fore. This location can be enjoyed while travelling en route to Cordoba, which at one point was one of the largest cities in the world. There are a number of stunning sights and buildings to see in this part of the world while the narrow streets will help you to reconnect to a previous time. These are great to walk along but may not be the best to drive on! When you are holidaying in Spain and you intend to drive around the country, it is essential that you have sufficient car excess insurance for all of your needs. From Cordoba, it is possible to head to Seville in the same day, affording you some time in that stunning city.

Seville has sunshine and a whole lot more

Seville is regarded as the capital of Andalusia and the cathedral is the third biggest cathedral in the world. There is a large religious focus in Seville and this means there are plenty of stunning traditional buildings and churches to visit and see.

From Seville, travelling to Granada provides you with stunning views with mountain areas and many small towns and villages packed along the journey. This is one stretch of a Spanish driving holiday where staying on the road provides a wealth of stunning sights.

Valencia offers a great deal

Valencia is a stunning modern city that manages to capture so much of the traditional style and charm that Spain is well known for. This is an area that has something for everyone and it should be a vital stop-off on your journey. The Gothic cathedral stands in great contrast to modern masterpieces such as Las Ciencias and the Ciduad de Las Artes.

From Valencia, it is a relatively simple drive up to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. This is a city where there is something for everyone and whether your focus is on architecture, entertainment, modern city life, beaches or art, you’ll find everything you want in Barcelona. Dpeneing on how much time you have at your disposal, you may wish to spend more than a day in the city before moving on.

If you are planning on returning to Madrid to round off your Spanish driving holiday, you can do so via Zaragoza. This city has a great range of influences, which means that there are many different styles and sights to see in this city. Zaragoza has been greatly influences by Christians, Moslems, Romans and Iberians, bringing to the fore a great number of styles in the city. With the old and new town combining to give different tastes of the city, this is an excellent top off before concluding your trip.


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