5 Places Not To Miss in Turkey

Turkey is fast becoming one of the world’s biggest tourist draws and it’s not hard to see why. With a plethora of beaches, amazing nightlife, delicious food and boundless culture Turkey really has something to offer every tourist, from the well-heeled to the backpackers.


Turkey holidays can offer a lot of variety too, so if while lounging on the beach may sound appealing for a few days, boredom can easily strike but fear not, as most of Turkey’s most famous beaches are within easy day trips of some of the most mesmerizing sites in the country. When you venture to the country where East meets West, be sure not to miss these 5 places:

Blue mosque[28]

1)   Istanbul

The only city in the world to straddle 2 continents, Istanbul is booming. The nightlife will leave even the hardiest of party-goers with a headache with clubs booming until dawn, and with activities like boat trips down the Bosporus river, visits to one of the wonders of the world in the Hagia Sophia and one Mosque to rule them all in the Blue Mosque – Istanbul should be number one on your list of places to visit.


2)   Cappadocia

Cappadocia features in lot of people’s bucket lists, and once you’ve seen the iconic picture, it may well be added to yours. Each morning, before sunrise, over 100 hot air balloons rise over the striking, rock strewn landscape of Cappadocia giving the participants a site like no other. With the sun rising to the east, and the shadows dancing amongst the peaks and troughs, causing a multitude of layering colours, a hot air balloon experiencing here is one never to be forgotten.


3)   Pamukkale

Seemingly straight from another world, the view of Pamukkale never fails to impress the hordes of tourists its draws daily. Salt cliffs, with beautiful rounded edges, complete with bubbling hotsprings are a huge draw for anyone gallivanting around Turkey’s South Western coast. With a Roman ruins acting as a back-drop, a visit to Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s most famous day trips.


With Turkey looking like they could enter the European Union at any time, their prices are set to rocket, so now is the time to take advantage of a relatively weak Turkish lire. Istanbul’s Ataturk airport has so flights to more countries in the world than any other airport, so if you book a trip with Direct Holidays, you’re sure to find your country had easy access to this wonderful land. Book today, you could be there before the end of the week over indulging on Turkish delight and the most delicious Turkish kebabs imaginable. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it, see you at the airport!

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