6 Active Lifestlye Vacation Ideas

Holidays are an essential part of life, we all need to holiday to relax and unwind, but there is no one size fits all holiday. Everyone has different needs when it comes to holidays, some like to relax, whereas others need a sense of adventure to recharge their batteries. Here is a list of holiday ideas for those that like to get outside and holiday in the great outdoors.




This is a great adventure holiday for the person that wants to mix adventure with relaxation. Colorado is probably the largest skiing destination within the United States, so why not get a luxury Colorado ski chalet rental there and enjoy the slopes. With locations such as Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail there is so much variety in Colorado for skiing, Aspen in particular is a great location for some variety with its mixture of great snow and glamorous appeal of the celebrities that visit it each each.


Golf is another type of holiday that is perhaps on the more relaxing side, whilst still providing the thrill of competition. Probably the greatest benefit of basing a holiday around golf is the sheer number of destinations that offer opportunities to play golf, it is universal. This is a great benefit for people with families, who may not want to just participate in this and in many places you can access beaches, shopping, etc. A great example of a place like this is St. Bart’s that provides beaches, nature and golf, and is loved by PGA golfer Jim Furyk.


Surfing could be seen as the perfect way to relax and stay active, on one hand you can surf and keep fit, healthy and strong and on the other the beach is right there to relax on. This is a great holiday for families, couples or singles as it provides the right combination of relaxation and adventure. Some famed destinations for surf are Hawaii, Bali and Australia.

Scuba diving

This activity probably has the most mystique and allure of all the activities listed her, while it does require some training and specialist equipment to do, it is most certainly worth it. The greatest thrills are the locations that can be explored, the depths and the colourful sea life, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is all deep sea dives, scuba diving locations have varying levels of difficulty and depts. The alternative to this is snorkeling and is very accessible.


Hiking is one of the most accessible forms of holidays, it is one of the most fundamental activities that a person can undertake in life. New Zealand is famed for its hiking (or tramping as they call it there) but you don’t need to go all the way there, you can hike anywhere.

Winter Travels

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